About Dworken & Bernstein Co. L.P.A.

Since 1959 Dworken & Bernstein Co., L.P.A. has been an award-winning law firm and member of the legal and business community of Northeastern Ohio.

Recognizing that a single lawyer can no longer skillfully provide representation in all areas of law, we aim to provide well-rounded, full service, with teams of respected attorneys in all key areas from personal injury, employment law, workers compensation and family law to estate planning, bankruptcy, business law, real estate, commercial litigation and a dozen other practice areas.  

We enjoy a reputation for focusing on both client advocacy and community service.

As a leader in plaintiff class action litigation, Dworken & Bernstein is elevating the class action beyond simply compensating groups of individuals for corporate wrongdoing.   

The firm is using the device to return meaningful value to the community by directing significant class action settlement funding to worthy charities.

Years ago, our class action team saw an opportunity at hand in a case where class action settlement funds were left over after all claims had been paid.

With some research, it was learned that the funds could be distributed to charity under the doctrine of cy pres

In that first case, the defense counsel agreed to distribute part of the unclaimed funds, but the other part reverted to the defendant.

In future class action cases, however, where Dworken & Bernstein anticipated unclaimed funds, the class action team was proactive in negotiating that a reasonable portion of the settlement be earmarked for charity.

Recognizing the injustice of allowing unclaimed funds to go back into the unclean hands of the defendant, the Dworken & Bernstein class action team undertook to promote the use of cy pres by class action law firms nationwide. Doing so would put much-needed funds back into the community.

Today Dworken & Bernstein Co., L.P.A. is a national leader in advancing stipulations that direct unclaimed funds to an array of worthy community organizations. Alone, the firm has been responsible for over $50 million dollars in distributions to worthy charities using cy pres grants.

The firm has established Ohio Lawyers Give Back to advance the use of cy pres in all class action settlements where a large sum of unclaimed settlement funds is expected.  


For more information about Dworken & Bernstein, visit www.dworkenlaw.com.